Why More and More Millennials Are Building Homes Instead of Buying

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Now, more than ever, millennials are turning to building their houses instead of buying them. Building a house, rather than purchasing it, gives homeowners the chance to create a home that is tailored to their needs and preferences. 

Millennials want homes that are eco-friendly, tech savvy, and in their preferred location. Custom homes offer millennials the opportunity to have all of their needs met at surprisingly affordable costs. Here are a few reasons among the many why more and more millennials are turning to building a house rather than purchasing an already built one. 


As previously stated, building a house offers unmatched customization for the homeowners. Millennials get to choose their cabinets, countertops, appliances, and fixtures. They get to create specialized rooms for whatever their heart desires. As a generation that is marked by their desire for autonomy, millennials enjoy being able to have a home that reflects their individual needs and preferences. 


The millennial generation has been exposed to perhaps the most technological advancements than any other generation. They are the early adopters of the latest trends in technology, and they like having homes that reflect this. 

Millennials like to incorporate home automation systems, high tech lighting, entertainment systems, and security systems into their houses. Building a house gives them the opportunity to include every type of technology they desire. 


Millennials are all about sustainability and eco-friendly solutions. Building a house gives them the chance to incorporate sustainable appliances like heating and air conditioning systems. They can even choose sustainable materials for their homes to be built from, like solar panels and bamboo flooring. 


Building a house means that millennials don’t have to worry about costly renovations and repairs once they move in. Their home will be move-in ready when they first walk in. Engineering in building has created homes that are more durable than older houses. With a custom built home, repairs and renovations are not likely until years down the road. 

Millennials can also choose a builder who will be able to work with their budget, matching exactly what they want with what they can afford. 


One of the largest benefits when building a house is that you have the freedom to choose exactly where you want to build it. Millennials can build homes that shorten their commute and get them closer to dining and entertainment districts if that’s what they prefer. 

For example, Taylor Burton Company’s newest development, Southbend, is nestled in the quaint hills of Vestavia. It matches an idyllic community with accessibility to dining and shopping hotspots, seamlessly marrying style and convenience. Whatever millennials want out of their location, they have the freedom to choose a spot for their home that fits their preferences. 

Questions About Building a Home? 

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