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Avoid Renovations with a Custom Home in Vestavia Hills

For those looking for their perfect home, navigating the housing market can be a struggle. It can be difficult finding a home that meets all of your specifications, and many homeowners spend way too much time looking for that one, “unicorn” property.

So we ask: why look for perfection when you can build it? With our luxury custom homes in Vestavia, you can avoid wasting time keeping up with the housing market and become a member of a rapidly growing community of professionals and families that call Vestavia Hills home.

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Why Taylor Burton Company

At Taylor Burton Company, we can build your dream home without the hassle. We’re a family-owned business that works with our clients to help bring their projects to life, right down to the smallest nook and cranny. After all, we believe that you should never settle for anything less than perfection.

We work with qualified designers—to help flesh out your designs—and builders who specialize in home construction to help make your designs a reality. We’ve been in the business since 1986 and, with our decades of experience, we’re knowledgeable about the process of home construction. That’s why we’re highly recommended by homeowners in Vestavia Hills.


Set Up a Meeting

First things first, you'll talk to a qualified home designer in a no-obligation consultation, who will help you flesh out your ideas.


Discuss the Details

We'll sort through the nitty gritty—like pricing and setting up a contract—and refine elements of your designs where (and if) needed.


Building Your Home

Now for the exciting part—where we begin construction and build your dream home. We will the design down to a T, making the home that existed in your imagination a reality.

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Remodeling with Taylor Burton Company

For homeowners who’d rather not start from scratch, home remodeling is a way to revitalize and update your home. Remodeling offers a cost-effective method to transform any kitchen, bath, and living area, better use and repurpose space, and change home floor plans. If you’ve always wished your home to be a certain way, remodeling can help achieve your end goals. Taylor Burton Company is a fully certified home builder and remodeler for Birmingham and the Over-the-Mountain areas. With us, you can stay put while still achieving your ideal home.

Whether for custom home building or home remodeling, Taylor Burton Company is the premier provider in the Birmingham, AL area. We have become known as the go-to custom home builders and remodelers for homeowners in Vestavia Hills.

Settling in Vestavia Hills, Alabama

There is a reason why Vestavia is listed among the best cities in Alabama. Just south of Birmingham, Vestavia has the perfect mix of big city convenience—with small town living and a suburban feel. It's situated among many upscale home markets, including beautiful Mountain Brook, Homewood, and the city of Hoover.

Do More Than Dream

If you're looking for a high-quality custom-built home, trust the Taylor Burton Company. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each and every square foot of your dream house is created with precision and care. Get in touch today to make your vision come true!

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