Living At Southbend

We take the phrase “There’s no place like home,” to heart. At Southbend it’s more than a phrase, it’s a lifestyle.

Avoid the Downsides of Home Upkeep

We all have a checklist for our dream home, and ideally we’d like every box checked. Other newer homes may have updated features, but don’t have the layout and floor plan that truly speaks to you. If settling for anything less than your dream home is out of the question, then Southbend is for you. Nestled in the quaint hills of Vestavia, Southbend seamlessly marries style and convenience—and offers custom-built homes that keep you close to where you want to be.

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New Custom Homes for Sale in Vestavia Hills

Starting at $699,000

Home Chic Home

Maintenance-free Living

Older homes can hit our wallets where it hurts—but brand new homes are built with energy and money savings in mind. In fact, new homes have an edge over older ones in a few key areas: insulation, airflow, and energy efficiency.

Updates From the Onset

A brand new home requires no renovation. It’s brand new, after all. That applies to things like the water heater and appliances, as well. Updates are already built in, which helps free up finances from renovations and upkeep.

Completely Customized

New houses might be stylish, but nothing reflects your style like a custom home. Avoid the cookie cutter look and build a home that's 100% you.

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Top Quality Features, Low-maintenance Living

Starting at $699,000

Where Family Gathers

Family rests at the root of Taylor Burton Company; think family owned and family grown. The company extends back four generations and has been building custom homes in the Birmingham area for just as long. That’s more than a handful of years building homes: we’re closer to a handful of generations at this point. And the quality of our homes reflects that level of experience. In fact, quality exists in every nook and cranny—even in the tiniest of details. Because that’s what separates your home from just another house.

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3 Steps To Your Dream Home


Set Up A Meeting

Every home has its start. Yours begins with a completely no-obligation consultation with a qualified home designer. This meetup will springboard ideas into next steps.


Flesh Out Your Design

The next step serves to engineer your dream into reality. We’ll talk pricing, set up a contract, and refine it as needed.


Build Your Home

We take what’s been in your mind’s eye and build it before your very own. You just get to watch as your vision becomes a tangible reality.

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This Is the Life

When buying a home, it’s easy to feel misled by older homes—and misrepresented in new ones, even when they feature “custom” layouts. Southbend doesn’t retrofit an existing space to suit you: it’s built by you, for you, from day one. These homes offer a string of conveniences, including new appliances, a leisurely, low-maintenance lifestyle, a good school system, customized architecture and floor plans, and a community that’s near and dear to heart. And the homes are built by custom home experts, who’ve been doing it for four generations and counting. If you’re ready to make yourself a home, contact Taylor Burton Company.

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Set Your Sights On Southbend

Snug up to tranquil Shades Creek, Southbend is just a skip away from downtown Vestavia Hills, Vestavia Hills High School, Dolly Ridge Elementary, and major roadways Interstate-65 and Highway 31, offering both convenient travel and sleepy seclusion.

Hear from Our Clients

"The contractor and their subs were punctual, courteous and very professional. The outcome surpassed our expectations and was completed within the estimated timeline. The price we were quoted was the price we paid. I would highly recommend Taylor Burton for your remodeling project."

- Glen A.

"Taylor Burton Company lived up to expectations. We gutted and remodeled a condo. It turned out beautiful, and we would highly recommend their services to anyone. "

- Cherie R.

"Absolutely what they promised! They delivered on time and w/ quality of workmanship at each level of our renovation. We have received many compliments regarding the process and the end-result. We wholeheartedly recommend them and would not hesitate to trust them again, should we have a need."

- Cyndi G.

"Taylor built my house in 1993, and TBC, Inc just did an extensive exterior renovation in 2016. I have always relied on the expertise and quality they bring to the job."

- Robert M.

Do More Than Dream

Quality over quantity. This phrase rings true in home building, as it does in most other aspects of life. For true quality in every square foot of your custom-built home, turn to Taylor Burton Company. Contact us to see your dream become real.