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Welcome to TBC Roofing. We are a new roofing company serving Birmingham and surrounding area in residential reroofs and roof repairs. We are a direct affiliate of Taylor Burton Company and operate under the same core principles of TBC. Zach and Daniell Burton started TBC Roofing and are the leaders of the company. Taylor and Blake are also very involved with TBC Roofing. We strive to bring the same customer service and professional expertise as TBC.
Because we also build homes, we know how important a sound roof is to the rest of your home. It is very important that when a roof is damaged by hail, storms, or wind, that the damage is fixed in a prompt and correct manner so not to cause further damage to the rest of the home and create an even bigger mess. One big part of roofing work is insurance claims that come with it. We will happily work with your insurance company and make the process of re-roofing or repairing your house easy and stress free from start to finish.

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