Vestavia Kitchen Transformation

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where you craft delicious meals, dine with friends and family, and usually, it’s one of the first things visitors see in your home. These homeowners wanted to bring their kitchen back into the home since it was secluded from the main living areas. In this impressive kitchen remodel, we completely rehauled a 20-year-old space to breathe new life and create one of the most beautiful kitchens in Alabama.

The kitchen was small, dark, and tucked away in this impressively large home. Like most kitchen remodels, we removed several load-bearing walls to open this kitchen up to the rest of the home. Amongst other issues, the kitchen was dark and had limited natural light. To add a natural glow to the room, a window that spanned countertop to ceiling was cut in. While ideally simple, matching the exterior brick and stucco on a 20-year-old home presents a challenge. To exactly match materials on any home that has naturally weathered is difficult, but the result turned out exactly how the homeowners wanted.

From the hood vent to the backsplash top down this kitchen is one of a kind. We wanted to incorporate higher ceilings to make the kitchen feel more substantial. The old, existing flooring was repurposed by sizing, cutting, and laying the boards in a herringbone pattern to create a unique trayed ceiling detail over the island. The new hardwood flooring in this kitchen is custom quartersawn random width & long length white oak flooring. The flooring was sourced from a craftsman in Illinois and was shipped to match the existing flooring that was in the rest of the home.

Dated wooden handrails with volutes were replaced with custom handmade iron handrails. Round cornice and round detail were formed around the staircase to create a unique rounded look. No detail was overlooked in this remodel. With convenient light switches built into the cabinetry, a refrigerator drawer in the island, and led lighting throughout, this kitchen is stocked full of features and accessories. All the brass and stainless-steel fixtures were de-lacquered to achieve a specific desired look for the homeowner. Large features like a 12-foot island, a 6-foot sink, and massive quartzite countertops contribute to this kitchen’s magazine-worthy aesthetic. We believe the real value of a remodel is in the details.

Taking an unloved area of the home and turning it into THE statement piece in this house is why we got in this business. Using the finest craftsmen and materials we were able to build this exactly how the homeowners dreamed.

We are proud to be able to give this magnificent home the kitchen it deserves.

Do you want us to make you a home like this?