Want a New Home? Here Are 5 Reasons You Might Need a Custom-Built Home

custom-built home

There are many common misconceptions when it comes to buying a new home, especially a custom-built one. Typically, people think that purchasing a custom-built home is too complicated of a process, too expensive, or will require too much time and effort on their part. 

With the right builder, none of the above are true. If you’re looking to buy a new home, you should consider a custom-built option. Here’s why:

#1: The Perfect Home on the Perfect Plot 

Having the perfect home means, among other things, that it’s in the perfect location for you. Home builders put painstaking effort into finding and investing in the best plots of land available. When you buy a custom-built home, you won’t have to worry about your location or plot. If you work with the right builders, they have already put countless hours and evaluations into the plots they have to offer you. Buying a custom-built home gives you the freedom to buy a home that is in the best location and on the best plot available. 

#2: Having a Professional Design Your Home 

Buying an older home disconnects you from the original designers and builders. With a custom-built home, you get the opportunity to work with an expert designer you can trust. You can find one who knows the ins and outs of building and has the know-how to help you get the most out of your space. You won’t have to worry about renovations or modifications down the road. You get the opportunity to have it built right the first time. 

#3: Availability of Construction Financing 

Builders have more financing options available to them than regular buyers. Construction financing has many shapes and forms, but it essentially allows a buyer to pay for both construction costs and a lot with one loan. Banks work with the buyer and allow them to make draws on the loan once they hit certain building thresholds. In building a custom home, the builder identifies the lot and aids in the design, making construction financing available and saving you from plenty of financial headaches. 

#4: Professional Resources At Your Disposal 

If they have the right experience and connections, the builder you work with for your custom-built home will have the brainpower to get your project done right. When you work with a builder, you aren’t just agreeing to let that individual build your home, but all of their crews and contractors as well. You won’t have to worry about shoddy workmanship or cut corners. When you build a home with the right people, you ensure that your home is built rock solid. 

#5: A Home Built For You 

When you buy a custom-built home, you share the vision of your dream home with your builders and they will make those dreams a reality. A custom home means exactly that, it’s custom-built to your exact needs and specifications. You get to choose everything from the cabinets to the tile. On move in day, the home will be move-in ready, no adjustments needed. 

The Right Builder is a Call Away 

For the last four generations, The Burton Family has been building custom homes in the Birmingham and Over-The-Mountain areas. We work with our customers every step of the way and strive to provide the absolute best service possible. Contact us today, and let us get to work for you!