Why Now Is the Time to Move Forward With Remodels


There’s a perfect time of year for most things. Summer is the perfect time for ice cream and lounging by the pool. Winter is the perfect time for ice skating and hot chocolate. But did you know that there’s an ideal time for home remodels? You probably thought any time of the year would do, but fall is actually the perfect time! Keep reading to find out why. 

Get Your Home Holiday Ready

The holidays are a wonderful, exciting, and very busy time of year! Maybe you’re hosting Thanksgiving in your home for the first time or you’re having relatives stay with you over Christmas—the holidays are an important time to gather with loved ones and enjoy the season. If you’ve had remodeling on the brain over the summer, odds are you were too busy with family activities to really think about it. During this lull—right before the holiday rush sets in—is the perfect time to get your house in tiptop shape!

You’re In Your Home More Often

During the summer months, most families are taking weekend trips to the lake, doing fun activities with the kids, and getting outdoors as much as possible. You aren’t spending nearly as much time in your home as you do when the weather gets colder. So, once that colder weather starts to set in, you might start to notice things in your home you aren’t too thrilled with. More time indoors means more time noticing and experiencing things you want to change. 

The Weather Is Nice and Comfortable

Whenever you remodel your home, there will be some disruptions to your day-to-day life. And depending on the extent of your remodel, you could be letting the elements inside your house for a time! The summer in Alabama is sweltering, and the winter’s are quite cool. Remodeling during a beautiful, temperate time of year is a great way to make sure you and your family stay comfortable (and your utility bills stay low!) if you have workers coming in and out, or you’re doing some exterior remodeling like replacing doors or windows. 

Trust Your Remodels to Taylor Burton Company

You probably know Taylor Burton Company for building beautiful custom homes in the Birmingham and Over-The-Mountain areas, but did you know we also do impeccable remodels? That’s right! If you aren’t looking for a custom home just yet, but are interested in sprucing up your current space, you can trust Taylor Burton Company to make your vision a reality. Remodels always come with a little bit of stress, but our team is dedicated to making the experience as seamless and positive as possible! Get in touch with us today to start discussing your dreams!